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Word of the Day:Natto

When the mail came today, there were letters from the two Japanese middle school students who will be staying with us in April. This is the third year that we have hosted Japanese students. I’m not sure why we do it. Yeah, sure, I want to expose my kids to another culture. Yeah, there’s that whole small world thing. But mostly, I think I like hosting because the students provide us with comic material for the rest of the year. It’s just funny. Last year’s student wrote a bio went like this (and I am not saying that I could write better in Japanese; I could not).

Nice to meet you. Japan is very much. Arlington is very much. I like onion. Let’s play the clarinet.

My heart is you. I love you.”

This year, our students are two boys. One says that he likes baseball and doughnuts (we can probably satisfy both of his passions). The other loves Eyeshield 21 – which apparently is an anime about American football (okay, I had to Google that). He also warns me that he does not like natto. “No natto! I do not like natto!” Back to Google. Turns out that natto is a fermented soybean paste which apparently resembles spider webs. Yum.

He can relax, it’s not on the menu at our house.

What is on the menu are butterscotch brownies…and they are good. Tuck, tuck, tuck



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Word of the Day: Nube

Call me a mad nube. I don’t know, maybe it’s spelled noob (rhymes with boob). From what I have gleaned from driving my son, Lewis, and his friends around, a nube is someone who doesn’t have a clue. A newbie, if you will. Mad, as I understand it, describes anything in the extreme – as in “mad snacks” – and I quote, grammar not withstanding: “After school, me and Adam put down some mad snacks.”
Today, I am a mad nube. Welcome to my blog. This morning, I called my neighbor Mimi to help me figure this out. And she did. Since then, I have experimented with my daughter’s digital camera and discovered that I am able to take photos (like this one of my cat), download them onto my computer and post them here.
Maybe I am not such a nube after all.
Just when I think I might not be totally irrevelant….my pop culture consultant at Clark University informs me that the word is “n00b”-with double zeroes.  Mad zeroes.

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