Word of the Day: Nube

Call me a mad nube. I don’t know, maybe it’s spelled noob (rhymes with boob). From what I have gleaned from driving my son, Lewis, and his friends around, a nube is someone who doesn’t have a clue. A newbie, if you will. Mad, as I understand it, describes anything in the extreme – as in “mad snacks” – and I quote, grammar not withstanding: “After school, me and Adam put down some mad snacks.”
Today, I am a mad nube. Welcome to my blog. This morning, I called my neighbor Mimi to help me figure this out. And she did. Since then, I have experimented with my daughter’s digital camera and discovered that I am able to take photos (like this one of my cat), download them onto my computer and post them here.
Maybe I am not such a nube after all.
Just when I think I might not be totally irrevelant….my pop culture consultant at Clark University informs me that the word is “n00b”-with double zeroes.  Mad zeroes.

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One response to “Word of the Day: Nube

  1. Perry

    Mom, you just pwned.

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