Words of the Day: Exorcise

I am really, ready for winter to be over. The snow is dirty, my backyard is covered with frozen dog poop and the sidewalks are icy. I could break a hip, for God’s sake. I’m glad that I don’t have to go out. Although, I am having a good hair day and it is kind of a waste to stay inside and not share it with the world.

Lewis asked me to make more butterscotch brownies last night and I did. But, now he’s at school and I am home alone with a deadline and an almost-full pan of brownies. So fat far, I have exercised restraint and cut only tiny little squares from the corners of the brownie pan, but haven’t taken a stab at the new writing job.

I really should get away from the brownies. I need to get some actual exercise. The pool was closed for the past three days, but today it’s open. I could go, right now, work off the brownies, and be home in time to still get some work done….but I’d have to sacrifice my good hair.

The pea soup that I made for dinner last night received less than stellar reviews from Harris and met with retching noises from Lewis, who ate raviolis, instead. I know that a bowl of pea soup is a risky entrée to serve to men who expect a nightly diet of grilled meat on a plate. Tough. I like it. I even used yellow peas and added butternut squash so that it was golden— not at all Linda Blair-esque.

Speaking of which, I read in the paper today that the Catholic church is training more priests in exorcism. One Polish priest is quoted as saying that “Internet addicts and yoga devotees” are at especially high risk of demonic possession. Geez-us.




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2 responses to “Words of the Day: Exorcise

  1. It’s true…pea soup is a family divider: those who like it and those who’d rather not go near it, as well as those who digest it smoothly versus those who later share it with one or two of the innocents’ five senses.

    Having just made a large cauldron of it, my wife wisely froze the bulk of it (2 weeks later) into individual portions. Sadly, I missed the chance to insert the popsiscle sticks…

  2. cband

    Fortunately, I still have that opportunity. I wonder if I can dupe a kid into eating a pea soup pop.

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