Word of the Day: Gusto


“Me gusto.”


That’s what Lewis said about his trip to Costa Rica.

His ears are peeling. That’s how much fun he had.

Meanwhile, I got an e-mail from his Latin teacher that said that he got a 41 on the last test.

Ego non amo is.

Maybe I should care more. Maybe, I should get him a tutor. Or take away his Ipod, or his Xbox…

…or his supper.

Maybe he won’t be able to get into a good college.

Maybe I’ll save mucho dinero on tuition.

Me gusto.


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One response to “Word of the Day: Gusto

  1. “me to taste?”

    “I not to love this?”

    I get the gist, but these remind me of http://engrish.com/

    Can you URL me more good translationer?

    Sorry to hear about the Latin 41 (maybe that translates to a 90 in our language)– probably blew all his Latin on Latin America.

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