Word of the Day:Gluten

I am beginning to believe that there is a God and that she understands that I am not the kind of mother who would be able to successfully parent a kid who is allergic to peanuts or who has ADHD or even a kid who is extremely gifted. Lewis 8 ball


Fortunately, that is not the case .

And I am reminded of just how easy I have it.

Today, Lewis brought a new friend home from school. Basic Mom Etiquette requires that the first thing you do when your child brings home a new friend is to impress them with your motherliness by offering a snack. If I had been given a little warning, I might have probably gone all domestic and baked some chocolate chip cookies. But, this would have been for naught because Lewis’s new friend is gluten intolerant

. Chocolate chip cookie Chocolate chip cookie Chocolate chip cookie

I had visions of the child going into anaphylactic shock, of his tongue swelling up, of rashes and vomiting and of all of it being my fault.

Graham crackers?


Oreo ice cream?


Okay, have a banana.



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4 responses to “Word of the Day:Gluten

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  2. wilddaisy33

    Fortunately for you, the reaction celiacs have is usually delayed and has nothing to do with anaphylactic shock or tongue swelling. So you wouldn’t have had to handle it – his Mom would’ve – later! LOL! πŸ˜‰

    Gluten free is a PITA – been doing it with my autistic son for 6 years now and just started it myself a few months ago (just found out I am celiac). Yes, BE GLAD! It’s a lot of work, and I, for one, am filled with terror every time my kid goes to a friend’s house…

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    Darcy (wilddaisy33 asdmommy)

  3. Barbara

    Sad that a child has to accept so much deprivation, but a banana takes no prep time. πŸ™‚

    *Love* the new blog and a chance to enjoy on a day-to-day (rather than monthly) basis. Hope to see things grow here…just like our kids!

  4. When I found out that I was celiac (ie. can;t eat wheat) my first thought was “can I still drink alcohol?”

    Is that sad? No, that’s a sign of how much I rely on a nice glass of wine to wind down…. it’s my REALITY.

    Then I freaked that my son could be celiac — no pizza? No bread? No pasta? No cereal? My god, suddenly my life seemed like it would be hell on earth. I myself could survive without bread (and anyway, if I ever want to lose that dratted 5 lbs, I better do without bread!) but could he?

    False alarm. I can keep stuffing them full of oreos, ritz crackers and pasta with butter. You know, all that health food stuff they love!


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