Word of the Day:Juggle

I just got back from the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop in Dayton, Ohio. I was hoping to get ideas about ways to make this blog a better place. And I did. I also met a bunch of writers, would-be-writers, comics, a former border guard and a breast juggler…as well as Garrison Keillor and Mike Peters, the cartoonist who pens “Mother Goose and Grimm.” In the process, I shamelessly flogged my soon-to-be published book by handing out postcards that look like this:

Book Cover Image

Thanks to Bruce Colthart, who knew how to take my vague concept and turn it into something that looks terrific. Send your comments to him at bc.creative@yahoo.com

But, I know you want to get back to the breast juggler. During the first moments of the conference, while I was waiting to register and pick up my nametag, I struck up a conversation with a nice, matronly-looking woman. She told me that she had just come from a festival where she was a breast juggler. Not wanting to appear naive or stupid, I simply collected my nametag and found other people to sit with at the luncheon. I figured I could Google it later.

And I did. But, in all of the internet, I couldn’t find a reference to Breast Juggling. I found entertainers who juggle silicon breast implants, juggling balls that look like breasts and juggling festivals that benefit breast cancer research – but no one who actually juggles their breasts. Mind you, she had an ample, matronly build, so I figured it was possible.

And I like to think that it’s true.

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2 responses to “Word of the Day:Juggle

  1. Carol: Thanks for the plug! I enjoyed the process; I think we did well, and certainly worked well together. I’m just now starting to “make hay” of the cover design.

    Okay, back to breast juggling: aren’t you kicking yourself now for acting cool and not interrogating that woman about just whose breasts she’s juggling?? I may ask for my money back here….

    I hope that she does it to music – even humming out loud –’cuz there’s really no other way.

  2. Oh – BTW – my email is bc.creative@yahoo.com (your post has me as b.c.creative@yahoo.com)!


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