Word of the Day:Ill

For the past two days, I have been really sick. Chills, fever, sore throat…the whole bit. Now it is morphing into a hacking cough and runny nose. Just in time!

The Japanese students arrive tomorrow (see previous post) and I feel ill-prepared. I did set up a cot in Nathan’s room — the very same cot that collapsed on last year’s visiting Japanese student. I am hoping that the bottle caps that I wedged into the frame will keep it standing for the ten days that they will be here. Yuki and Dai are 13 and 14 years old. This is their big adventure and they are having it at our house.

I need to set up the badminton set as per an earlier request from Dai: “I want to play badminton with host family.” I know from past years’ experience that the students who come and stay with us don’t just want to play badminton or ping pong or clarinet with host family. They want to cream, dominate and whip host family’s butt. And they do. Lewis has a term for it…”ill” As in: “I am ill at badminton.” Because I expect Dai to be exceptionally ill at badminton, I have reminded Lewis to be a good sport.

The Japanese are also very big on gifts. The students usually arrive with gifts for everyone in the family: sake sets, chopsticks, candies…all kinds of cool stuff. Everything is artfully wrapped in wonderful paper. Aesthetically, the Japanese have it way over us.

I do have Red Sox caps for our guests, but I will not wrap them. I might fill them up with indigenous candies – like Necco wafers and Boston Baked Beans, which taste terrible, but at least are made here in Boston.

Marshmallow Fluff is also made here and it tastes good, but it would be messy business inside a baseball cap.


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  1. Very funny that cot story…pinning your hopes on wedged bottle caps to prevent an[other] international incident. Classic Carol Band – you should fess up and tell your readership more about your gambling penchant.

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