Word of the Day:召 我が ショートパンツ

We are having a great time with the visiting Japanese students. They are seeing lots of historical sites around Boston, trying new video games foods and killing us at ping pong. In the process, we are all discovering a little about each other’s culture. Additionally, they are learning some new English vocabulary and we are learning a little Japanese. Very little.

So far Lewis has learned to say “You are drunk,(yo tey ma)” “penis (inkei)” and “I have diarrhea (Geri wo siteimasu).” Yesterday was Yuki’s birthday. I made a Boston cream pie (the official dessert of Massachusetts) and frosted it with chocolate icing. Lewis put the frosting on his finger and pretended to pull it out of his butt. Very attractive. Yuki was fooled – for only a second – then hilarity ensued.

Good times in America!

Just in time for Mother’s Day…. my book!



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3 responses to “Word of the Day:召 我が ショートパンツ

  1. susan

    Remind me to never eat Chocolate Cream Pie at your house!

  2. Chad

    The Simpsons poster you have in this post is actually in Korean, not Japanese…

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