Word of the Day: Happy

Happy Mother’s Day!

Turns out that hosting Japanese middle-schoolers is a lot like having more of my own kids. They are all losers. Yuki ( pictured in the center) lost his red “Happy Coat” somewhere between the school and our house. Without it, he would not be allowed to perform the traditional dance that his group had practiced for a Pops Concert at the Town Hall. The chaperones weren’t happy, and I was hearing rumors that I, as the responsible adult, would be stuck with the $200 “Happy Coat” replacement bill. We searched the house, we called

the school, we notified the authorities…no “Happy Coat.”

Yuki wore my husband’s red windbreaker and they put him in the back row at the Pops Concert. (Yuki is on the left. I think the windbreaker is brilliant).

Then, a tiny miracle occurred. Someone at the Pops Concert mentioned to a friend of mine that she knew someone who had found a “Japanese robe – a lot like the one these kids are wearing” blowing around on the street. Two days and a few phone calls later and the “Happy Coat” was in my hands. I am happy to report the the Japanese students have safely returned to their home in Nagaokakyo and that the “Happy Coat” has been shipped by air mail.

Here’s a little Mother’s Day greeting I thought you might enjoy.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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  1. Barbara

    Carol, I’m seeing your latest entry a day before Mother’s Day, but I predict I’ll still be laughing tomorrow! I don’t know which is funniest, Yuki’s red windbreaker or the Mother’s Day photo session — both are hysterical! Thanks for the giggles, and Happy Mother’s Day back to you!

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