Word of the Day: Cut

I went on New England Cable News to flog my book.

Me on TV

Okay, it was a three and a half minute segment – but I worried about what to wear. I went shopping yesterday for something normal — something that didn’t have enormous buttons or a pattern that looked like it was from the wardrobe department of “Laugh-In.” There are no clothes for normal women. Who wears those little cropped coats?

Who looks good in this?

I ended up with my own plain blue shirt, and after watching the video – I can’t believe I cared at all. I should have worried about what was going to come out of my mouth.



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4 responses to “Word of the Day: Cut

  1. Bravo Carol! You did very well on the interview. I know you want everything you say to be “perfect” so yeah, _you_ may be underwhelmed by your performance, but relax – you were great! I’m sure you’ll perfect your schtick and positively dominate the upcoming interviews.

  2. Beate

    Carol – OMG you look fabulous! Meryl Streep’s got nothing on you – let me know when you get your own show.

  3. cband

    Thanks, guys….
    I think I looked a little nervous and my eyes kept darting around. It was a wacky set-up with the host in another room and me just talking to a camera with a monitor on the side.

    Anyhow…Beate, check out the photo of us fishing. The wildlife guy is leaning toward you!

  4. Beate Becker

    I think you may have another comment about your TV debut coming from me. The first time I tried to submit, your high security system kept telling me it was waiting for moderation. Thinking that maybe this first comment was too racy – I sent in a second, more modest one. We are New Englanders, you know. . .

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