Word of the Day: Trig

I don’t usually get into politics. But John McCain’s choice of  Sarah Palin as running mate has piqued my interest.

FIVE kids? Three teenagers? A special needs newborn? A pregnant teenage daughter? With all of these raging hormones and school about to start, Sarah Palin is still able to pull together a campaign speech for the RNC, pack for a trip to St. Paul and find something to wear that fits her post-pregnancy body and doesn’t have little Trig’s* spit up on it.

Obviously, she is a better woman than me.

Even I wouldn't wear this to the grocery store.

Even I wouldn't wear this to the grocery store.

But Sarah Palin and I do have something in common besides being mothers and being hot (see previous comments). We were both PTO presidents. Talk about politics! Washington can’t compare to the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished politics that is an elementary school PTO. Unfortunately, a history as a PTO president is about all that she and I share. Still, I congratulate Mrs. Palin on the birth of little Trig and on her impending status as a grandparent. I’m sure that after being at home with three teens for the entire summer – it feels good to get away to St. Paul for a few days.



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