A Household Tip: Fakin’ it

“Honey, what did you do today?”

“I made a pie!”

Nothing says “Boy have I been slaving over a hot stove (okay, a hot oven)” like a homemade pie. But actually making a pie is time-consuming, messy and totally unnecessary. Instead, head to the Bakery Department of your local supermarket.

Step 1: Purchase pie of choice. This one is blueberry.  I will tell my family that I grew the berries in the backyard – a place that no one but the dog ever goes.

Step 2: Remove pie from box and place on rack in prominent kitchen location.                  Destroy box.

Step 3: Add realism with a dusting of flour and an artfully placed rolling pin. Now, tie on an apron, pop some cheap white bread in the toaster for that “somethin’ from the oven” aroma  and try to look exhausted.



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