Word of the Day: Broke

Why do catastrophes always happen in clusters?

My freezer no longer has the fajitas to keep ice cream cold – so the quart of hand-packed, high-fat, vanilla  ice cream I bought to serve over baked apples has become…well, just cream.

My son fractured his toe and can’t play soccer for at least three weeks (okay, this is not entirely bad).

The top row of bricks in the chimney of our old house finally gave up and fell off – necessitating a hugely expensive rebuild of chimney.

My dog has developed arthritis. He is unable to go up and down the stairs and I must carry the 41 pounds of mortified beast up to the bedroom, down to the laundry room then up to the kitchen…

He is scheduled to have doggie acupuncture on Tuesday. It’s not cheap and therefore I too, will be broke.


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One response to “Word of the Day: Broke

  1. Back in the old days, suburban housewives within commuting distance of the O.K. Corral would have climbed up with the mortar and trowel to fix that baby (chimney). Do you include finances in the “broke” category? Thanks for the daily reality check! DTD

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