Word of the Day: Meh

“How was school?”


“Do you want oatmeal for breakfast?”


Little did I know that my kids’ mono-sylabic responses were on the cutting edge of English linguistics. That’s right. “Meh” is now in the dictionary.  Harper Collins has announced that for the 30th anniversary edition, they are including “meh ” – right between megaton and meiosis.

Collins has been aware for some time of the growing use of meh in written and spoken language. The word is widely used on the internet and is appearing in British spoken English as well as in print media.

Cormac McKeown, head of content at Collins Dictionaries, said: “This is a new interjection from the US that seems to have inveigled its way into common speech over here.

It’s only logical that the apex of American culture, The Simpsons (specifically, Lisa) is credited for coining the word. Duh! lisa-simpson3



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