Word of the Day: Performance Anxiety

Can appliances smell fear? Do they somehow know that in two days they will be expected to perform at their absolute peak? Does the pressure cause them to break down within 24-hours of showtime?  I think so.


The only turkey in my kitchen is the dishwasher.

Last year, two days before Thanksgiving, my oven died. I bought a new one – a floor model – so I wouldn’t have to wait for delivery.  Last night, my dishwasher groaned, emitted a noxious burning odor and gave up. The repair guy says it needs a new pump and a  new engine. It’s a premature  demise for a six-year old Kitchen-Aid.  “Most last eight to twelve years. Are you sure that you are rinsing the  dishes before you load them?”  he asked.

Frankly, if you have to rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, what’s the point?



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: Performance Anxiety

  1. Sue L.

    Well, at least you have an excuse to have dinner at someone else’s house. Either that, or tell the guests they have to handwash all of the dishes.

  2. cband

    It’s fixed! Only $369.00. That would buy a lot of paper plates.

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