Word of the Day: Ciao

My husband has left me and I’m okay with it.

He’s away on a business trip for three nights and four days …in Italy. Now, some women might be jealous and others might be resentful. Some, after holding down the suburban fort and being a single parent for the better part of a week, might expect payback in the form of Prada or Gucci. Not me. I like being home. Let me be more specific. I like being home without Harris.

It’s not that I don’t love Harris and treasure every moment that we have together, I do. It’s just that I like it when he leaves, too. When he’s gone, I admit that I feel a certain freedom. I can eat all the stuff that he hates (green curry, blue cheese and black bean soup), watch the all of the chick flicks that he won’t rent (The Notebook, Baby Mama and anything with Clive Owen) and make coffee that’s really, really strong – not only because I need the extra caffeine to fuel my jam-packed single parenting days, but because that’s how I like it.

Maybe it’s the coffee, but when Harris is away, I get a lot of stuff done – especially the stuff that, if he were here, would require discussion. The last time he went away, I redid the bedroom.








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6 responses to “Word of the Day: Ciao

  1. Barb

    Ahhhh…I know the unencumbered feeling. I also like being at home, so that’s where my energy goes when my husband travels. Before he leaves, he sometimes wonders out loud what will be different upon his return.

  2. cband

    Of course, I had to shovel the snow – so it’s not all good.

  3. ck

    what a great blog posting – your absolutely right; freedom over lonelyness anyday.

  4. Deirdre Wilson

    Oh for crying out loud… my husband leaves all the time too and I have NEVER had time to redo the bedroom. Not fair, Carol. 😉 I’ve been trying to clean out my bedroom for months. Yours looks pristine. How can that be?

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