Word of the Day:Hint


Heloise and daughter

My local supermarket has a book shelf where you can dump your old books and magazines and take  new ones for free. I have found a lot of good stuff  there including a 1967 edition of Hints from Heloise.  Heloise’s daughter took over the helpful hint business after the original Heloise died and her column now runs in newspapers around the country and in Good Housekeeping magazine. She even has a hip-looking website.  But it’s the hints from her mother in the 1960’s that I think hold the key to making America great again and might even  save the planet.

Listen to this: “Cut the cuffs of worn-out rubber gloves into narow strips. This will give you rubber bands that will last for quite some time.” Nifty idea. They also sell bags of rubber bands at Staples, for like…fifty-cents. Has our society really changed that much in 40 years or was the housewife who sent in this helpful hint just bragging?

Here’s another: “Don’t throw away those envelopes from greeting cards that haven’t been sealed. I cut off the flaps from the envelopes and stow them in a small box. When I have to leave a not and don’t want the piece of paper to get pushed aside or lost, I just wet the glue and stick the note up in plain sight.” This is the birth of the Post-it note!

And my favorite one… “I cut the tops off my teenage-daughter’s worn bobby socks and discard the foot part. This leaves me with a ribbed tube which I cut so that I have a square of ribbed cloth. I crochet around the edge of this ribbed cloth with leftover crochet cotton, finishing it with a loop on one corner, thereby making a lovely dishcloth!”

I use paper towels. But I think that if we could learn to crochet, start hand-washing the dishes and get our teenage daughters to wear bobby-socks, we might be able to end global warming, rescue the economy and preserve the rain forests. Are you with me?

Heloise and Richard Nixon

Heloise and Richard Nixon

Looking at Heloise’s hat,  I am thinking that perhaps the times really have changed.

A lot.



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7 responses to “Word of the Day:Hint

  1. osolomama

    Oh, was this a blast from the past! Remember Peg Bracken and Erma Bombeck–my mother enjoyed both of them but they were way more irreverent than Heloise.

    Just about to start following you on Twitter!

  2. OMG! Who has the time to bake a soufflé, stick cloves in it, put it on your head, and go pose for a picture with a wildly unpopular president? Thankfully, one of those opitons is off the table… for now anyway.

  3. cband

    For the past few years, I thought Dick was looking pretty good – comparatively speaking. Of course he would look better with a souffle on his head (wouldn’t we all).

  4. Emma Faye

    Although I’m not exactly a housekeeper yet, I do have to say that cutting the toe of a sock is a useful trick, particularly when you have a daughter with a vein malformation in her arm that tends to swell and needs some pressure (am speaking for my mother now, not myself).

    Your blog is hilarious as always and I can only try to emulate your skill 🙂

    And how often are your child’s old rubber boots lying around anyway, waiting for you and your scissors? I don’t even think Perry has a pair! Perhaps that advice is better suited for a British mother, who must replace her children’s “wellies” once a month.


  5. Perry

    Okay, scary that Emma has commented on this and I’m only seeing it just now.

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