Word of the Day: Octuplets

The octuplets made their television debut this morning and their mom, Nadya Suleman, was ready for her close-up – plump lips, chisled nose and fresh French manicure.

french-maniAnyone who has ever diapered a newborn knows that long nails and poopie diapers go together like….fourteen kids and a media circus. And, while the public wonders how an unemployed, single mom will be able to support fourteen children (who will inevitably have some special needs) Nadya Suleman has faith in the volunteers from her church and in America’s insatiable appetite for reality television — no matter how unreal it seems.



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9 responses to “Word of the Day: Octuplets

  1. Becca

    I noticed the nails and lips too. She’s a joke.

  2. girldujour

    The six children that she already has are paying dearly, as will the next eight–providing they even survive.


  3. Barb

    …and now she’s collecting donations. Incredible.

    • cband

      It’s easy to condemn her – but hard to set guidelines for how many children should a single mom on welfare be allowed to have or how many kids a sixteen year old bride of a polygamist Mormon should have or whether implanting embryos in middle-aged women is doing an injustice to the child…it’s tricky. The 14 kids Nadya Suleman has created, just brings all of these questions to light.

  4. Karen

    I live overseas, so the coverage on this is (thankfully) minimal. I don’t agree with what she or the doctor did, but my main concern is with the children. This woman will (in all likelihood) never have the financial resources to adequately care for all her children. And to those people who call for the government to take her kids away from her, well, perhaps other families will be able to provide a more stable environment, but I seriously doubt that there is any ONE family willing or able to take in all fourteen children, so that they can remain a family. I think that kind of break with their siblings would possibly be more damaging that leaving them together. Forcing the doctor to support the kids is one idea, but will that prevent other unscrupulous doctors from doing the same thing or worse? This is pretty much THE definition of tragedy, because I cannot think of any solution that wouldn’t be permanently damaging in some way.

  5. Renee

    well maybe she will get a reality show from this and then will have the money to provide for the children. I know she doesn’t deserve it but the kids are innocent and they shouldn’t have to suffer because they have a stupid mother. As for the comment about implanting in middle aged woman. I don’t see what the problem is with that. As long as a woman can provide for the child and love it then the age shouldn’t matter. I didn’t have my daughter until I was 37.

    • cband

      Well, again….it’s all a judgment call. You say age shouldn’t matter – but there are now women in their 60’s giving birth via hormones and embryo transplant. Is it okay to bring a child into the world knowing that there’s a good chance you will die before they are out of high school? What if the technology existed to make a 70 year old woman a first-time mom – an 80 year old?

      I a baby at 39 – but for the sake of argument, if you take childbearing to the extremes of either age, or multiples or who knows what other factors – it becomes interesting from an ethical perspective.

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