Word of the Day: February Vacation

I’ve often wondered why schools have February vacation. I mean wasn’t Christmas break  just a minute ago? I could understand if families needed help  tapping their sugar maple trees or  birthing spring lambs or cutting blocks of ice out of the local ponds maple-sugaring-1940 – but here in suburban Massachusetts, February vacation seems like an evil plot by the Board of Education to test the limits of a mother’s sanity. I mean ten days without school in the middle of February? C’mon.

Fortunately, Lewis was invited to go skiing with his friend’s family this week. “I’m sick,” he says of his prowess on the slopes (see December 5th, 2008 post). Unfortunately,  he  is sick – not slalom champion sick – but sore throat, fever, runny nose sick.  So instead of spending February vacation skiing, he is lying on the couch in the tv room ordering cinammon toast, Oodles of Noodles and Easy Mac. I have to admit, I like a kid who is just a little bit sick. The low-grade fever slows him down just a little and makes him a little bit warmer and more receptive to sitting close to me on the couch and cuddling.

Of course all the closeness has a price and now my throat is suspiciously sore. All that Easy Mac has a price, too. Lewis didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday, so the dog finished the macaroni and cheese that was left on the coffee table and was up all night with diarreah.

Amid all the soggy Kleenex, the half-eaten bowls of neon-orange macaroni and the dog poop, it occured to me that perhaps February vacation was derived to quarantine sick kids and keep them and their germs at home so that they can return to school and stay there… until their mother’s regain their sanity.



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: February Vacation

  1. Don’t you hate it when a perfectly good vacation gets spoiled by being sick? Poor kid.

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