Word of the Day: Bugged

Do you ever feel like you are losing your mind? Do you ever walk into the kitchen and can’t remember why you are there  or  forget where you parked the car in an 8-story garage? Yesterday, I stopped at Petco to buy crickets for my son’s leopard gecko. The clerk knocked twenty-four, large-size, skittering  crickets into a plastic bag. “You have a Cricket Corral for these?” ” he asked. “Because they can chew through the bag in a few hours.” I paid twelve cents a piece for the insects, gently placed the bag of bugs in my environmentally-friendly canvas tote  and headed home. cricket2

cricket6When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that my son’s skis, three  paper cups from Starbucks, a banana peel, two pairs of ice skates and some skanky soccer stuff was in the backseat. So, like a pack-mule, I made  several trips from the car to the house. Then I made myself a cup of tea, sat down at the kitchen table to take a stab at the Sunday crossword puzzle and remembered about the crickets.

BUT I COULDN’T FIND THEM.  They were gone. My canvas tote bag was empty.  They weren’t in the car or on the porch or even in the freezer, where I once absentmindedly stashed the mail. The words of the pimply-faced Petco clerk haunt me.

“They can chew through the bag….”  cricket7



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: Bugged

  1. I saw you and all those crickets at Petco and thought, how do they breathe, off the hot breath that employee blew into the bag before knoting? I’d chew thru too! Reminds me of the time I took care of the little gecho and you failed to explain how the crickets come out of the chute thingee and when I turned it upside down and peered inside…..I still have moments feeling those leggy insects crawling all over me, aaaaggghhhh! Laserator will have a hay day! moi

  2. my report is about cricket .

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