Word of the Day: Progress

Someone in my town posts daily diary entries from a housewife

from 1902. Here’s yesterday’s. This is a typical day:

Life in 1904

Life in 1904

Wednesday, March 16, 1902

Some overcast early & late –

Up at 7 fixed the Lamps, dusted rooms,

sorted clothes, made beds & mended

awhile and then dressed & went to Flora’s. Just starting out with baby – (at 9-30) so

we went down to Miss Perry’s & I had my coat fitted. Quite a walk & felt

some faint standing but better when we got out again. Walked up in about 40 mins. Harold behaved beautifully. John Drew so he came for tea and

then I had a hot sponge bath & dressed & saw F. coming so went out & up town. Etta caught up & we saw Bess G. so went over & met her. Decided to

go to Boston with Etta – so went – on the train. Bought just a pair. of thick stockings – and some cheese & crackers at W. K’s as the men were here in eve playing whist. Home before six – Read in eve – paper & “Octopus” & wrote in here. In bed by 9:45.
FLASH to Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunny, breezy and cool.

Up at 6:30am

Made coffee and drank it.

Spent all morning sitting at my desk trying to download


My 2009 life

a photo onto my computer.

No luck.

Progress? I don’t think so.

Time for wineWhist.



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: Progress

  1. Carol!
    I love this comparison with life in 1904!
    It really does look so relaxing, and to have
    tea and take a train ride and be so carefree!
    And then we awaken to reality and face our
    deadlines and computer crashes and life is
    back to 2009 again!

    Thanks for the trip! 🙂

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