Word of the Day: Grass

I hate spring. It’s a time of new life. A time when the world awakes from its winter slumber. Flowers bloom, birds sing and the green grass grows all around.  Except on my front yard.

This is my "lawn."

This is my "lawn."

My yard is mostly dirt and some scraggly weeds. My neighbors  all have green, lush grass. Even the neighbor whose lawn abuts mine.  Her grass is healthy and there is a visible line where my property begins and the grass  ends. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve fertilized, limed, added nitrogen and sowed pounds and pounds of grass seed. I’ve watered and I’ve watch the seeds sprout and grow, only to turn brown and die.

I suspect that my lawn is cursed. Perhaps it is situated over ancient Native American burial grounds and the spirits are angry.

So, I hate spring because  when the snow melts  it reveals my utter failure to grow grass.

This year, maybe even on Saturday, I am going to dig up the sparse vegetation that is masquerading as a lawn and replace it with something more sustainable – like high bush blueberries, cement or lawn ornaments.

A colorful alternative to lawn maintenance.

Meanwhile,  I welcome any suggestions from those of you who have conquered your own small corner of this planet.



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: Grass

  1. Barb

    A suggestion especially for shady areas — we recently put down some stepping stones and/or river rocks. They look nice and the spirits below don’t seem to mind. Good luck!

  2. joanna

    I am very pleased with the thought and don’t feel like adding anything in it. It’s a perfect answer.
    Joanna Eden
    Baby Shower Invitations

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