Word of the Day: Origami

I am worried about America’s youth.

We are hosting two Japanese middle school students. They are 14 year-old boys. In their spare time, they do traditional calligraphy(they mix their own ink!)  and fold amazingly intricate origami.  When my son Lewis has spare time, he plays Halo3.

The Japanese students also play musical instruments, can speak English (kind of) and unfailingly carry their dishes to the sink after every meal. They also always flush the toilet.

Last night, these boys cooked a traditional Japanese meal for my family- udon noodles, scallions, seaweed and some other stuff that I couldn’t identify.  It was delicious. If my son went to Japan, he would cook  Pop Tarts for his  host family. Yeah, I know – they’d probably love them.

Here,  for the benefit of America’s youth, is a tutorial on how to fold an origami crane.


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