Word of the Day: Portion Control

I have a friend who is thin. Now I know why. She invited me for lunch at her house today. It was intimate. Just the two of us and about twelve strands of whole wheat linguine. japs-008Honestly, when she dished out the food, I wondered if I had come on the wrong day.  Now, I understand that maintaining a healthy weight is all about portion control. Still, if you are going to invite someone for lunch, for gawdsakes, feed them.  Although, I have to admit that when I left her house, I was feeling a little righteous for not pigging out at  lunch. But I was starving.

So, I came home from lunch and made this:




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5 responses to “Word of the Day: Portion Control

  1. Hi,

    Loved this! I can tell your friend isn’t from Minnesota because people here make sure you are full when you leave their homes!

    • cband

      I think it’s a cultural thing-Italians, Greeks, Armenians – all big feeders. But it’s been my experience that WASPs don’t like leftovers. Go to their house for dinner and there are four pieces of chicken for four people and twelve asparagus spears – so you have to do math while you are taking your share.
      Glad to hear that Minnesota is the land of plenty.

  2. oh boy…portion control. when am I going to get that into my head. I plan on it and than ‘poof’ out the window ….

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