Word of the Day: Back to School

I love summer – it’s school vacation that I can’t stand. I’ve given up trying to have a television-free summer and asking Lewis to play outside.  Right now, I am simply clinging to my sanity and counting the hours until school starts. Maybe you’re on the brink with me.  SCHOOL

The Top Ten Signs that You are Ready for School to Start

10. The lunch boxes are packed. Salmonella…bah!

9. You want your kids to have the H1N1 vaccine so they won’t ever be absent.

8. You’ve replaced reading aloud from Harry Potter with reading aloud from back-to-school flyers.

7. You don’t care if the school bus driver was on “America’s Most Wanted” as long as he’s on time.

6. You make your kids go to bed when it’s still light outside because “when school starts, you’ll have to get up early.”

5. You’ve gained five pounds since you stopped running after the school bus in June.

4. You’re hoarding shoe boxes for the third-grade diorama project.

3. You agree that ketchup is a vegetable.

2. You’re beginning to think that playground bullies might build character.

1. You have romantic dreams involving the principal.


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