Word of the Day: Girls’ Weekend

I am going away for a long weekend with girlfriends. Hurray! I really need to drink get away.

My husband says, ” You need a vacation…from what?”

And I am reminded of that old joke.

You know, the one about the guy who comes home from work and finds his house in shambles, his kids playing naked  in the yard and his wife in bed reading People Magazine. “What happened here today!?” he asks.

And the wife replies. “You always ask me what I do all day. Well, today I didn’t do it.”


Before I leave, I have to make a list of the things that are in my brain – things like how to pill the cat and when Lewis needs to be at soccer on Saturday and leave them for my husband.

Here’s my list:

  • Make sure Lewis wakes up on Saturday by 9am!!!!
  • Don’t believe that he is up until you see him eating breakfast (Honey- Nut Cheerios in pantry).
  • Lewis has soccer game on Saturday – 10am – cleats on front porch, shin pads in tv room, socks in laundry. Needs to be at High School at 9:30am. Needs to pay for coach gift. $20.
  • Pack snack (look in pantry for granola bars), water bottle (check dishwasher – I think it’s there) and $ in soccer bag (saw it  under the kitchen table).
  • Lewis has a haircut at Anthony’s at 2pm. He’ll need $15 plus tip.
  • Roofer coming to give estimate at 11am. Ladder in patio.
  • Birthday party 6pm – Lew needs $ for paintball, gift ($20 is the standard gift – he’ll wrap it in duct tape). Can you drive other boys? Call Jacob’s mom to work out logistics. 781-332-8845.
  • Dog gets 1/2 can of food and 1/2 cup dry food plus 1 capsule  of glucousamine sprinkled on top. Rinse and recycle cans.
  • Leash hanging by front door with poop bags. Be sure to walk him as far as  Mimi’s  house. He likes to do his “business” there.” Don’t forget the bags.
  • Fish- sprinkle food twice a day. Make sure filter is working
  • Cat gets small white pill in am, large blue pill in pm. Coat pills in butter, squeeze her cheeks and poke pill into her throat. Feed her 1 cup of dry cat food in am. Make sure that dog doesn’t eat it.
  • Gecko –  Mealworms are in fridge. Feed five  each day. Turn light on in cage on in morning, off in evening. Make sure the water bowl is full.
  • Water window boxes and pots on porch everyday.
  • Lewis will feed animals and water plants for $$$.
  • Have fun!




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One response to “Word of the Day: Girls’ Weekend

  1. Karen

    This reminds me of something I heard about Bill Cosby’s stories about his kids. The woman said she used to think they were just funny stories. And then she had kids. And she realized Cosby was just telling the truth.

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