Word of the Day: Duh

Baltimore, November 5, 2009 – A new Harris Poll Quorum survey, conducted for Sylvan Learning, reveals that more than six out of 10 adults do not feel comfortable helping a teenager with “advanced math” homework. 63 percent of adults said they would not feel comfortable helping a middle or high school student with advanced math homework, including topics such as quadratic equations, manipulating algebraic equations and graphing functions. Only 12 percent of survey respondents would feel “very comfortable” helping a teenager with more complicated math homework. More than one in three respondents with children reported feeling “anxious” helping their youngsters with math – at any level.

For this they need a study? math_cliff


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  1. Hmm, intresting post. I came here looking for something entirely different (actually I’m supposed to be searching for how to string together paper lanterns for my wife) but got hooked reading this. Math is a very important subject. Unfortunately our schools are no longer competitive and many kids are not motivated to spend the hours each night that it takes to learn higher level math skills.

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