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Word of the Day: Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

Okay, I am diving into the deep end of the carpool.

Yeah, I agreed to drive the boys to indoor tennis lessons. And today is the first of their hour-long lessons  which are scheduled every Monday at a tony tennis club two towns away (which is just far enough that it doesn’t make sense to go home  in between ).

Yeah, I am the mom with the flexible schedule.  Other people have real jobs in real offices with bosses who  might notice if they  up and leave in the middle of the day,  so I guess it makes  sense that I should be the driver.  But today, Lewis is sick. Cough, cold, low grade fever. He will not be going to tennis.

Deep end of the carpool

So my moral dilemma is…do I still have to drive his friend?



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Word of the Day: Girls Nite Out

How many girls nights out is a mother allowed?  How many times can a  gal duck out of  helping with the homework and dash away leaving  twenty dollars  a flurry of take-out menus in her wake?  Tonight it’s a chick flick that I want to see but that Harris would never see in a theater, rent on Pay-Per-View or spend any portion of his life watching.

Tomorrow night, I am having dinner with two friends from high school.  We only see each other once or twice a year and have planned this night for several weeks. Thursday night I have a meeting and a single friend invited me for dinner on Friday.  I mean, it’s  not like I am going to see the Chippendales.

But still,  I feel a little guilty not being home for three nights this week.  I kind of wish that my husband would have a poker night or a bowling league so it would balance out. Then again, if he did, who would help with homework and order the pizza?


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Word of the Day: Normal

I gotta say, that as stay work at home mom, this morning when my husband went off to work and my son went off to school, I poured myself another cup of coffee and breathed a sigh of relief. After Christmas and New Year’s and a houseload of friends and relatives tramping through, it’s time to settle in and get back to normal – or the Band version of normal.


The house is a complete mess with piles of shoes and boots by the front door.

The car is broken and waiting for Lou from the garage to come get it. Coincidence that my daughter took it to college for a couple of weeks and now it’s not running? I think not.

The fishtank is cloudy, the filter is making noise. So far, the fish seem oblivious, but  I feel guilty.

Houseplants are looking bedraggled.  See guilt reference above.

My daughter is home from college for another three weeks and able to distract me with the magic words “Can we get sushi for lunch?”

Laundry is overtaking basement  (including sheets and towels from New Year’s guests and towels that my kids use like we were the Hiltons).

Christmas greenery looking not-so-green.  *

Note to self – replace smoke alarms which I dismantled when they went off while I was frying latkes on the first night of Hannukah.

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