Word of the Day: Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

Okay, I am diving into the deep end of the carpool.

Yeah, I agreed to drive the boys to indoor tennis lessons. And today is the first of their hour-long lessons  which are scheduled every Monday at a tony tennis club two towns away (which is just far enough that it doesn’t make sense to go home  in between ).

Yeah, I am the mom with the flexible schedule.  Other people have real jobs in real offices with bosses who  might notice if they  up and leave in the middle of the day,  so I guess it makes  sense that I should be the driver.  But today, Lewis is sick. Cough, cold, low grade fever. He will not be going to tennis.

Deep end of the carpool

So my moral dilemma is…do I still have to drive his friend?



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

  1. Oh gawd, the dilemma…

    It might be a simple karmic decision – will you need a similar or as yet unknown sacrifice from someone else in this group someday?

    And by all means, talk and blog about it, thus inducing copious amounts of guilt!

  2. Golden

    Your kid is sick! And why would any other parent want to put their own child in a car with your sick child?
    We also carpool with the neighbors, a 2 parent who work out of the home family. This makes me batty. I have fevering, puking kids. So no, I am not doing pickup today!

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