Word of the Day: Grayground

I read in this morning’s Boston Globe that they are building a playground in London just for senior citizens. It will focus on low-impact activities that will help tone under-used muscles and improve flexibility and balance.

This is great – but what we really need is a playground for parents.

And by parents, I mean moms.

I imagine a park with an area for mental gymnastics to tone up the brain cells that have gone to mush from talking to toddlers, plenty of balls to improve crucial juggling skills and, most importantly,  a bar to help us achieve some balance.



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2 responses to “Word of the Day: Grayground

  1. I’m all over the adult playground idea. Tired of getting looks from other moms when I’m climbing around with the kids. Plus, we need a wide slide for mom butts. 😉 And a big wheel large enough for us. Gotta have the big wheel. The one with the hand brake on the side, please.

  2. Deb

    carol, after reading the last post,i reread some of the others. wanted to send my appreciation once again to you for taking the time to streambrain for us all. it is always spot on, and a hoot. I had missed the one where you send quarters to Perry. What other way to send love in her moment of wobbly? thanks again.Your writing is a gift of service to us all;>

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