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Word of the Day: Blackberry

When my kids were babies all they wanted was to have my stuff. The stuff I really needed. Like my car keys, my wallet, my cell phone and the television remote. So, instead of relinquishing my photo id, credit cards and cash to a drooling nine month old I made a decoy wallet and filled it with decoy credit cards and play money. I found a remote that no longer worked and put it in my son’s crib hoping it would entertain him for a few pre-dawn minutes. I collected unidentified keys from the junk drawer and put them on a Sesame Street keychain. Instead of donating my old cell phone to charity, I put it in the toy box.  But my kids were never fooled.

They wanted MY STUFF. The real keys, the working credit cards, the actual cell phone, the real remote.

Now, there’s an application that you can download onto your Blackberry that turns it into a kid’s toy. Like they weren’t already fascinated with your stuff.  Cute little animals appear on the screen, numbers cavort, letters dance and an annoying little voice announces every number your child presses. I’m thinking that this is a horrible idea on many levels.  Drool, Zwieback and Blackberries don’t seem like a good combination. Kids and Blackberries don’t either.


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