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Word of the Day: 6,823.93


George W. maintains his mediocre grades at Andover Academy

The stock market is crashing and the numbers are totally depressing. We have less than half the money we had last year. At least we had it on paper.  With private college tuition up around $50K a year, it’s not a good time to have middle-class white kids with mediocre grades. 

Maybe my kids aren’t geniuses because they inherited my inability to do math.  In fact, numbers have always given me a headache. Here’s some that are particularly irksome.

13- how many pounds I have gained  since my last child was born 15 years ago.

2 –  the number of cell phones I have put through the washer.

6– how many times during dinner Lewis asked  if he could get XBox Live.

3– the number of times we overslept this week and I had to drive Lewis to school.

4 – times two oldest have crashed the car. Luckily, no one -except the car and our insurance rates – were hurt.

3– the sizes that my foot has increased since I got married (and had kids).

7,3022 – the number of dinners that I have cooked since my first child was born.

7,276  – the number of meals I have cooked since becoming a mom that have included macaroni and cheese.

1/2 – the number of pages I am able to read of my book group’s selection before I fall asleep.

28– the number of shoes, cleats, iceskates, flip flops that are blocking the front door. There’s something about March – flip flops, snowboots, ice skates, soccer cleats…

32 – how many stairs I have to climb when I run through the house looking for my keys.

0 – the number of pounds I have lost while going up and down the 32 stairs.



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