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Word of the Day: Jodhpurs

Tomorrow, the Band family rises at dawn and heads to New Jersey – I know, it’s always the glamorous locations.
What compels us to wedge ourselves into a car and be subjected to the bickering of teenage children in the backseat for five hours?

The Drew University Equestrian Team

My son went off to college and, rebel that he is, joined the Equestrian Team. That means on weekends, when he should be drinking beer and sleeping late, he is rising at dawn, dressing in jodhpurs and riding a horse around in a ring. Maybe we should be worried.

Before this, other than merry-go-rounds and a very tame trail ride in Yosemite Park when he was twelve, I don’t think he had ever been on a horse or even shown any interest in horses.

I guess that’s what college is for.



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