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Word of the Day: Sick

“I want to get sick,” Lewis said.

He stopped banging on his new drums to make this announcement. “Sick?” I asked.  “Why would you want to get sick?”

He picked up the drumsticks and resumed pounding on the snare.  “I want to get sick  ON THE DRUMS,” he explained.

For a moment, a very unpleasant picture formed in my mind and my first thought was that if Lewis did get “sick on the drums,” that I would probably be the one who would have to clean it up. drums

“YOU MEAN YOU WANT TO GET GOOD ON THE DRUMS?”  I shouted over the crashing cymbals

“YEAH….I wanna get sick. Really ill.”

Now, I wonder if perhaps I am the one who is sick – perhaps deranged –  for thinking that a drum set was a good idea.

(insert loud, incessent banging here)

Yeah, I think I might be sick. In fact I already have a headache.


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