Word of the Day: Leftover Chinese

According to New Tang Dynasty Television, a pot of 2,400 year old soup was found buried among ruins in Xi’an, China.  Big deal.

If these archaeologists are impressed with a measly pot of soup, I can unearth more exciting moldy leftovers in my fridge. They might be older, too. There’s blue cheese that’s supposed to be yellow, a container of organic yogurt that expired in September, wilted kale and a take-out box with petrified Peking ravoli  from the Wok Inn.

If that’s not impressive enough, then I invite the crew from China to excavate  my freezer where, just today,  I discovered a frozen mass, entombed in a zip lock bag. Carbon-dating is on going to determine the contents which may or may not be the carcass from the Thanksgiving turkey. The  2002 Thanksgiving turkey.


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