Word of the Day: Facebook


In the midst of the turmoil that recently rocked Egypt and culminated with the toppling of a corrupt government, a baby was born. As a tribute to the social media that fueled the protests, the parents of the infant girl named her “Facebook.”  It’s a moniker that I believe might be surfing the crest of the newest wave of baby names.  After all, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is worth $12 billion dollars. I would think he might want to send little Facebook a onesie with the company logo or maybe spring for her college tuition (after all, you wouldn’t want to sully the company name by having Facebook unemployed or working as a pole dancer).

Which opens the door to other baby naming possibilities. 

I think Alcoa is a rather pretty name for a girl and its stock is up to twenty one cents a share. Also up to forty-seven cents a share, is Pfizer, a name which really could work for either sex.  Boeing is a nice boy’s name and their stock is up, too, as is Merck, a easy, forthright name for a boy and it beat its earnings estimates during the last quarter. Move over Aiden and Ella, here come Exxon and Verizon! Take a look at the NASDAQ and you’ll see potentially millions and millions of dollars in corporate sponsorships available to enterprising families and their well-named off spring.

Of course, Gwyenth Paltrow did name her child Apple. Does Steve Jobs know?



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4 responses to “Word of the Day: Facebook

  1. Amazing to see how names can have such an impact on peoples lives. My boys “winner” and “loser” are already starting to reap the benefits of their carefully chosen names – well OK maybe not but somebody did actually name there kids this way, very interesting results if you look into it!

  2. I wonder if many of the names being given to children today are more about the parents’ legacy (or perhaps image) than the child’s. “We want our child’s name to be cute, adorable, trendy, more unique than anyone else’s . . . ” or whatever.

    Perhaps if some parents spent more time thinking about how to help their child become all he or she could be and less about what their name sounds like families would improve. How about giving a child a name that describes the character they hope their child will exhibit someday!

  3. I think that parents should not have money in mind when selecting names for their baby. In the end only child will suffer. It is my opinion of course. Regards, Sesalnik.

  4. great post..Thanks for sharing such an awesome article..

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